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We want this to be easy for you now and for many years to come. Our paints are toxin free so (if you can refrain form touching surfaces for some days) you can safely remain in your home as we work. Linseed interior oil paints are extremely durable and can withstand many washings, bumps, scuffs, & dents.  Beneficial for cold season jobs and chemically sensitive clients.

Winnipeg Painting Company

  • Baseboards

  • Basements

  • Bedrooms, bathrooms

  • ​Cabinets, hand railings

  • ​Crown moldings

  • Family rooms, play rooms

  • ​French doors

  • ​Kitchens, laundry rooms

  • Living rooms, dining rooms

  • ​Offices

  • Walls, ceilings, doors

  • Nursuries

Winnipeg Painting Company
Winnipeg Painting Company

article excerpt:

"renovation find blog" March 2021

“Eco friendly generally refers to paints whose emissions and extractions are less harmful to the environments they affect. The commercial painting industry refers to these as low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Organic and chemical free,  Allback Linseed Oil Paint is the one and only VOC free paint available.  Composed from 100% dry matter it is non toxic and safe enough to paint a baby’s nursery “even in the dead of winter” says Azore who’s Winnipeg business moves inward for the coldest months. Interior jobs clients might shy away from during cocooned months are now accessible because toxic fumes are non existent. Solvent-Free Paint is a reasonable option for everyone, especially those who have chemical sensitivities.  Allback and other purified Linseed Oil Paints are micro-porous, allowing walls and surfaces to breathe.  Once correctly applied, Linseed Oil Paint helps prevent condensation, dampness, and even bacteria growth. Extremely long lasting and less prone to flaking/peeling, it also reduces indoor allergens."

Winnipeg Painting Company

ABOVE: Gold ceiling reflects light

ABOVE: Heritage door in child's room

ABOVE: Allback Linus 'Ocean Green' with oiled door frame and white base boards

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