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The integrity of our Linseed Oil Paint has proven it's merit, protecting structures against the elements for centuries past and for centuries to come.





Winnipeg Painting Company

Longevity of protection is our goal with each exterior job. We spend time removing expired paint layers and once exposed, required repairs are revealed. We will use our expertise and industrial network to prevent such a long lasting seal cover rot and decay. We can match most commercial colours and pride ourselves in custom mixing. 

Preparation & Maintenance


SCRAPE The old paint is thoroughly removed exposing the natural beauty and required repairs of the underlying wood.

Oil Raw  Linseed Oil is then applied in order to nourish & saturate the wood.

Wash The surface is then scrubbed using linseed soap in order to remove any dirt & mildew.

 PaintThe paint is then applied. Three relatively thin coats will last for generations.

 Maintain To keep the painted surface looking it's best over time we clean with linseed soap, and then apply Boiled Organic linseed Oil.

 enjoy Allback's 50 guarantee.

We can restore heritage window and doOr frames to their former splendoUr. 

Winnipeg Painting Company

Heritage restoration

Winnipeg Painting Company

soffits before

Winnipeg Painting Company


Winnipeg Painting Company

window restoration

Winnipeg Painting Company

109 year old siding

Winnipeg Painting Company

wood sidinG: allback'Spruce Green'

Trim: Allback 'antique Gold'

Door: allback 'brick red'

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