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Once In A Lifetime is Winnipeg's first and only chemical free, organic painting company.    

We use only purified, protein-free linseed oil paints with zero solvents and are 100% VOC free, and enthusiastically take on projects of all kinds, including residential and commercial properties as well as objects in need of some O.I.L. TLC. 

Winnipeg Painting Company

We use Allback linseed oils, paints, stains, and waxes to revive and protect everything from homes to cars. To access original wood surfaces we employ a technique of "heat & scrape" which we have found remarkably effective, especially on layers and decades of old paint.



"When faced with with the sad common reality of replacing a five year old paint job on my own family home, I began researching longer lasting options. The first thing I experimented with was the "old paint removal" process and found a non chemical technique with the use of electric heaters worked well. The newly exposed beauty (and gaps!) in our 1912 year old wood siding was a revelation. I learned how to fill those cracks which invite nesting of all sorts of creatures, and who to call when the task was beyond my skill set. Relationships with artisan window/door repair experts and those savvy in foundation/carpentry were sought and solidified. I wanted to properly pamper the structure that protects us from the gales and downpours of life in Winnipeg, and the statistics on acrylic paint (the industry standard) were not to my satisfaction. Further research brought me to Linseed Oil Paint and the Allback producers in Sweden who, through exacting preparation methods can guarantee 50 years of lasting life on their paints. I'm not the only one with an old house. I'm not the only one who cares about what chemical paints do to our planet and our bodies. Thus this venture was born."

Winnipeg Painting Company

Esan Azore 

Owner and Lead Painter since 2014

Once in a Lifetime Painting Company

OUR forward thinking approacH APPLIES tO hiring AND TRAINING 


Winnipeg Painting Company
Winnipeg Painting Company
Winnipeg Painting Company

artist franklin fernando completes mural logo on farm sign

Martin applies Allback Linus 'Ocean Green' to an interior wall

Winnipeg Painting Company
Winnipeg Painting Company

COMPANY LOGO by Shawna Conner and Greg blagoev, 2016

"A confident artist paints in oil."


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Background photo: flax flowers in blossom credit: allback website

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