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Imagine extending the life of your wood siding, window frames, stairs, decks and fences. Imagine painting kitchens, bathrooms and nurseries with zero toxic fumes and a finish that withstands decades of washes and wipes.  Imagine an honest, courteous team of painters and repair professionals working with your end goal in mind.  Once used everywhere and still widely used in Europe, Linseed Oil Paint (made from Flax Seeds) has for centuries withstood extreme temperatures while protecting and beautifying architectural treasures and heritage buildings. Your home deserves the same care.   Welcome to ONCE IN A LIFETIME Painting Company.

Winnipeg Oil Company
Winnipeg Oil Company


with paint

With STain/SLIp resistant& ANTI-bacterial PINE TAR


Winnipeg Oil Company
Winnipeg Oil Company

Our vision is to provide people living in Winnipeg and surrounding areas with the highest quality painting service available. Once in a Lifetime Painting Co. would like you to never have to worry about failing paint again. We offer a transferable 50 year warranty* on our products. We only use 100% VOC free linseed oil paints, which are better for your health and the environment we all share.

Organic Paint/Organic Process 

Each job presents unique challenges. We work in stages, giving you decision approval opportunities throughout. Beyond the extensive palette offered by our suppliers, we are able to CUSTOM MIX shades and hues to suit your vision, ensuring each Once In a Lifetime client a unique and satisfying result.

A proper paint job means more than setting a desired aesthetic. It protects your home and investment.  At Once In A Lifetime Painting Company we really want you to "paint it only once" and with a minimum of maintenance!  Enjoy the benefits of superior conservation and decades of not having to worry about  rotting parts or flaking paint.

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